Discovering proof that god exists – the symbolic meaning of dreams and our reality

In the wake of proceeding Carl Jung’s exploration I understood that I could have data about numerous parts of my world and the future by deciphering the importance of certainties a similar way I was interpreting the significance of dreams. Every one of the individuals, the creatures, and the items that show up in dreams and in our day by day reality has the equivalent emblematic significance.  Began deciphering the emblematic importance of peculiar happenstances and even the significance of straightforward occurrences of my everyday reality, and confirming that I could have data about numerous things a similar way.

For instance, when I made a trip to Brazil from Greece in 1998 with an insane companion and with my child who was 14-years of age around then we went to a house close to the sea shore that had a place with a companion, during the end of the week. This house was at, a city close to Rio de Janeiro. My crazy companion did not go to that house in the sea shore with us since she was welcome to head off to someplace else with her uncle, and she acknowledged the greeting.  My child went to a birthday celebration and I played a game of cards with these companions after supper. At that point, they hit the hay, and I chose to watch a film while I was trusting that my child will return from the gathering He was excessively youthful, however he needed to remain out late. He went to this gathering with mơ thấy người thân chết đánh con gì of our companions’ companion. He kept ringing me and inquiring as to whether he could remain somewhat more in the gathering and I continued instructing him to return home since we needed to get up right on time to go to the sea shore toward the beginning of the day.

He ignored me and he remained longer. He generally was insubordinate. In this way, I viewed the whole motion picture.  This motion picture was a spine chiller. I discovered it by chance on the TV. I did not have the foggiest idea about that it was a spine chiller. I did not watch it precisely from the earliest starting point and I was not so much focusing on the film since I was concerned with my child and I was lethargic on the grounds that it was past the point of no return.  In any case, as I was viewing the motion picture, I saw a rough scene, and the light a smidgen precisely when this brutal scene occurred in the screen, and the light went off luckily, there were numerous lampshades in the front room. The light was hanging in the rooftop; it was not it its place like previously. This was a significant sign. The light off demonstrates that I quit being misdirected by the bogus light of human lights and I could see the genuine truth.