A Brand Marketing Agency Singapore Defined: What’s the difference?

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The simple difference between SEO and SEM and PPC is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay per Click is the online traffic that comes from search engine optimization. However, the traffic generated from PPC is not free and one has to pay a cost per click. The combinedgoal of all the processes is to increase the visibility of search engines and online websites.

SEO is all about how to optimize the website and get higher rankings in the search results. SEM on a whole is a bigger concept and goes beyond SEO.  PPC is one of the methods involved and used as the form of PPC advertising to increase traffic.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing the website in order to get more traffic from the search engines.  The techniques and tool used for SEO increases the chances of a website ranking higher in the search results. These techniques generally involve voice search and video optimization, keyword searches, content optimization and much more.

When someone searches the keyword, their websites show on the search results. Every time a viewer clicks the web page, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount of fees to the search engine for featuring their content in searches.

Why should businesses choose SEM, SEO, and PPC?

If the goal of the business is to boost the online visibility and traffic, SEM, SEO, and PPC provide a balanced foundation.  Brand marketing agency Singapore helps a business and website to grow and get out there.