Muay Thai Camp Tips – Selecting Your Best Fitness Camp

It is a good point though, that there are variables that people should think about when picking their fitness centre. Unless you have trained in the camera, or personally know somebody who has, you would not know what to expect when you arrive in the camp to train, or even why you need to select Camp A over Camp B.

  1. Time Vs. Money – For many people, among the biggest reasons they pick their camp is the cost. You may compare a few different gyms, with one being let’s say 8000 baht, and another being 10000 baht. A good deal of people will make the choice to choose the cheaper gym, only because of price. But what you will need to consider is time. Basically over the course of a month, you get more for your money with the fitness centre that costs a bit more, since you end up getting an addition 50 hours of training time. However, you do need to ask yourself how much you are planning on training. If 2 hours per day is sufficient for you, then go with the less expensive fitness centre, and enjoy the beach. If you are seriously interested in your fitness, training and maybe fighting, than think about the fitness centre that provides you more time.
  2. Location – This is very important. You need to consider not just where the camp is, along with your journey to the camp, but also what’s around the camp. Are you going to have the ability to fly directly to an airport with the fitness camp thailand a short cab driver way, or do you need to have a long bus trip or ferry ride for your camp? What’s even more significant is what the camp is situated near. Are their pharmacies and food and other stores within walking distance? If not, you might have to spend additional money on either leasing a motor bicycle, or paying for taxis during your time there. Keep this potential additional expense in mind.
  3. Facilities or Trainers – If you have never been to a camp before, you should try and look at images, or see a list of equipment they have in the camp. You want to search for how many rings and heavy bags they have. If they only have 1 or two rings, you might end up doing sparring or mat work away from the ring, because of space. You also want to discover if they supply equipment that you train with, or in the event that you must supply your own. Eventually, they want to learn what the student to coach ratio is for the camp. The better the ratio, the more one on one time you get together with the teachers.