Advantages of Having an Intercom System Installed in Your Home

The humble intercom System is confined to the door unit and control panel and has come a long way recently. An increasing number of features are being added as the technology becomes available and the security and convenience that they provide the home owner has improved. Once confined to apartment and business use intercoms are becoming commonplace in homes using a network and as they become cheaper installed into an existing dwelling.

Intercom Systems

  1. Home and Personal Safety – The number one on the list for good reason. It goes without saying that the world can be a place and protecting your house and loved ones has never been more important. With the usage of a Video Intercom system you can see before deciding to let them, who are. If the visitor is not someone you know before opening the door that you can find the reason for their trip out. An intercom may be used and cameras can be supported by units.
  2. Automated Entry – Add an automatic gate opener and safeguard your house. Gate openers are available to accommodate all types of gates. Open your gate with a self-locking device be assured that once your visitor is inside the gate would not be able to be opened by anybody and with the push of a button. These units’ management may be incorporated into your intercom system and you have the option of wired or wireless operation. Another feature that is available on some gate openers is powered performance, reducing the installation costs and saving energy. With a few systems your cell phone can even operates the gate.
  3. Room Monitoring – Having space channels set-up and a control panel around the house you can use your intercom to track what is currently going on in these rooms. Keep tabs on the children playing in the room or use it to listen for when your sleeping baby awakes. You can communicate with the room’s residents, so the children will not have any excuse for not hearing you again.
  4. Have Your Favorite Music Piped Throughout Your Home – Control units possess the characteristic of some units include those and inputs for a radio or a cd player. Tune-in to your favorite radio station or place on your cd and have the audio piped to every room which has a station. Outdoor units are ideal for barbeques offered for areas or with friends over.
  5. More Home Security Alternatives – The אינטרקום לבניין משותף management unit can be configured to Monitoring and recording, motion sensors, door and window detectors and glass breakage sensors. They can offer back to base monitoring for a complete House alarm and intercom system in one.