Electrostatic disinfecting commercial services

Once it comes to preserving a high level of sanitation, use, and safety in your facility, it’s vivacious that your space is kept systematically clean by a professional commercial disinfection service that takes these supplies as seriously as they can. Nonetheless, not all disinfection services have the right tackles to stop the spread of disease, or the technology to safeguard each surface is preserved with attention and care. Not like other janitorial service workers;

Commercial disinfection service uses advanced technology to effectively and efficiently hygienic even the hardest surfaces. These services use electrostatic disinfection technology, an instrument to apply disinfectants, mildew preventatives, and sanitizers to surfaces for complete clean.

Electrostatic disinfection technology is frequently used in facilities where fungus or bacteria eruption has been alleged or identified, but it is also a great instrument in supplementing the conventional cleaning techniques used in offices during the coronavirus, medical and healthcare facilities, commercial places and research and development services.

Disinfection Services

The Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfecting During COVID-19

Electrostatic disinfection is an advanced method that saves time, energy, and expenses across the panel because it grants a more efficient substitute to traditional sanitizing techniques, and that’s what we want during corona and cleaning solution applications. Underneath are the many benefits of using an electrostatic system during COVID-19.

  • It decreases the time it takes to protect and disinfects all exteriors and places by 50% compared to conservative approaches.
  • Progresses contagion control and the feast of viruses such as Corona, Influenza, MRSA, HIV, and many others.
  • It smears chemicals in a more effective, unvarying, and controlled mode, abolishing the dangers of overuse and decreasing the amount of chemicals castoff produced.
  • Averts high financial loads associated with spreadable healthcare infections.
  • Evades cross-contamination and the effort of bacteria from one apparent to another.
  • Protects chemical solution expenditures and those allied with long-term cleaning efforts.